To keep the treasure moment of vintage moving images & color, the professional services of telecine transfer is all you needed.

Technology from United States, the only Video WorkPrinter-XP in Hong Kong can now help to transfer your Super 8 or 8mm movie films to digital media such as DVD or miniDV.

VIDEO WORKPRINTER-XP Frame by Frame transfer

The Video WorkPrinter-XP is designed for stunning, ultra high quality transfers of regular 8mm and super 8mm film to PAL or NTSC video. It transferring frame by frame ensures 100% frame accuracy for critical sound synch applications. Also, such frame discretion means the clearest, most crisp picture possible next to a Rank transfer with NO FLICKS!

Prior the telecine process, all films will be cleaned with professional film cleaner (USA-Willard's film cleaner / Japan-Filmreiniger) to provide best protection throughout the telecine process and future storage.

If you would like to re-splice the film, CIRO splicer tape is what we use. By this awarded Italy design, your film splice deserve the best splice treatment and most transparency effect.

Our service is up to professional grade, we had been transfer more than 70000 feet of film, our customers include: Hong Kong Film Archive, HKMSC (Hong Kong Military Service Corps), Ocean Park, RTHK (Radio & Television Hong Kong), TV broadcast stations and film companies.

We have 0% complain so far, because we treats your films like our own films. No matter they are professional footages, or your childhood memories, even your sweet wedding, our service can bring the pass to present.

We will assure you will be touch once again.

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The Video WorkPrinter-XP offers full frame viewing. The Heatless LED light source that prevent your important films damage from overheat light source even leave your film in the transferer for few weeks.

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Whatsapp or Tel: +852 9806-6714

E-mail: (Please allow a week for reply)


(we will soon adjust price at end of September 2017)

Transfer Price

Feet on each roll

USB Drive / DVD

HK$ 200


Customer are welcome
to provide their own USB Drive

We can provide USB
at around HK$100 each

DVD Movie Disc
cost HK$50 each

HK$ 390


HK$ 580

HK$ 760


HK$ 950

HK$ 1140


HK$ 1250

HK$ 1500


HK$ 1600
HK$ 1900
HK$ 2200
HK$ 2500
HK$ 2800

50' as a unit count for film length

We provide 100% professional service, so please don't ask for discount !
Because we won't provide 80% or 90% service. Period!

Sorry we are no longer provide sound transfer from sound films. We can still transfer the video but not the audio.



As the color of negative film transfer cannot be acurate, we suggest we can only transfer reversal film (Positive Film), except for special request.

Normally, we can finish 50-400ft of film between 3 days to a week, but we can provide URGENT transfer as fast as 1-3days turn around time, but depends on the workload.



We refuse to service any films that included cruelty to animals, such as: Bull fights, anykind of animals fights, whales and sharks catching, hunting, animal killing or torture. Even a short 2 seconds of footage included in the film, the whole film will be pull out from the transfer machine and return back to customer without transfer.

We love Animals & Earth, this kind of footages are not our target to service. Sorry! WE ARE REALLY STRICK ON THIS.

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Whatsapp or Tel: +852 9806-6714

E-mail: (Please allow a week for reply)